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Aqua Bubbles

Operating throughout Florida for Parties & Southeastern US for Fairs/Festivals Sebring Florida 33870 Phone: 888-687-4643


Experience the thrill of walking on water inside our large inflatable water walking balls or water rollers. Aqua Bubbles is an exciting concept in inflatable entertainment that can provide your party or event with a very unique and energized activity enjoyed by kids, teens and adults of all ages.  Let us help make your next event a hilariously entertaining and memorable experience for everyone involved.  We offer two types of inflatables to choose from, Water Bubbles or Water Rollers.


Call us at 888-687-4643

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Operating throughout Florida for Parties & Southeastern US for Fairs/Festivals



About our Water Bubbles

  • One person per bubble.  Multiple bubbles can be used at the same time.
  • For kids, teens and adults weighing less than 250 lbs.
  • The bubbles are transparent and 6.5 feet in diameter.  They are re-inflated for each rider.
  • Enter the bubble through a special zippered opening.  We fully inflate it with fresh air, zip it closed to seal you in, and roll you on top of the water where the real fun begins.
  • While floating on top of the water in the bubble, you can crawl, walk, run, jump, flip, and spin yourself silly or challenge others to see who can stand the longest or run the farthest.
  • The bubbles are made of a very strong, yet soft, thin and flexible material so you really feel like you are walking on water.
  • Can only be used on water such as a pond, lake, bay or our inflatable pool.



About our Water Rollers

  • One or two persons per roller.  Multiple rollers can be used at the same time.
  • Weight limit is 200 lbs per rider.  400 lbs total if two riders.
  • Kids, teens and adults can all use the rollers.  However, they are best suited for kids around 42" tall or less due to smaller interior height than our bubbles. Riders over 42" would need to crouch or crawl around when inside.
  • Children around 6 and under typically do better with these because they are easier to balance in and less intimidating than our fully enclosed bubbles.
  • Rollers are semi clear and multicolored.  They are 5.5 feet tall on the outside with 3.5 feet of open height on the inside.
  • They have a donut hole opening on each end to crawl through to get in and remain fully inflated at all times.
  • Once inside the roller you can crawl, walk, run, jump, flip, and spin yourself silly.
  • While open on each end, the opening is smaller than the inside of the roller and raised above the water line to prevent falling out or water coming in.
  • Can be used on grass or water such as a pond, lake, bay, your own pool or our inflatable pool.


PRICE -       $300 if used in your Pool*, Grass, Pond or Lake

                    $700 if used in our Inflatable Pool setup at your location

            *Only Rollers can be used in your Pool or on Grass

**There is also a travel charge of $1/mile from Sebring to your location charged one way only



  Price Details:

  • Includes up to 4 hours at your event
  • Extra hours may be added for $50 per hour
  • Use of up to 3 bubbles or rollers depending on space available
  • If using bubbles, additional ones can be added for $75 each
  • Staff provided to operate and supervise activity
  • All set up and breakdown for activity is provided
  • Custom pricing will be done for multi day events or other special requests. 
  • When using our inflatable pool, a high volume water source must be available to fill it. If there are charges for the water used, they would be additional.  

Great for all Events Including:

  • Fairs/Festivals
  • Fund Raisers
  • School Functions
  • Church Functions
  • Company Parties/Picnics
  • Family Reunions
  • Other Special Events 


Check our Facebook page for more Details & Pictures.

Call to book your party: 888-687-4643

Tell us you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com.

Pricing subject to change.




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